1.    No new lasers as long as you’re in the Captive
2.     30% rate-cap on stop-loss premium
3.     Sharing in underwriting profits
4.     Block pricing and leveling out of renewals (pooling) due to $350M in stop -loss premiums by the Captive
5.     12 month incurred and 18 month paid (12/18) specific aggregate contract -this allows your groups to be in the Captive for one year and leave if you wish to do so with protection for six months of run-out (most are 12/15 contracts)
6.     Negotiate out of network claims
7.     Captive RX Consortium - member retains and receives all drug rebates
(saves on average 20% on drug claims)
8.     On - staff clinical pharmacists working on behalf of our members (saved over$3M last year in the Captive)
9.    PBM included in the Captive
10.     Direct provider contracts
11.    Springbuk - The Captive’s data health intelligence platform provides you with more real-time and immediate visibility and insights into your population’s health