Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a specialized accidental death policy designed for business people who travel frequently. Benefits are paid when a covered employee suffers death or a severe injury while traveling on business in a foreign country. Travel Insurance covers losses that many other life insurance policies exclude - such as terrorism and acts of war. This benefit helps employers manage risk.  


After the events of September 11th, many employers are reconsidering benefits for their traveling employees. Travel insurance requires no medical underwriting, and issuing a policy is extremely simple. Many plans also include a travel assistance benefit to give employees a resource when they are traveling far away from home.


Our coverage through GeoBlue offers two different plans with several options:


-Short Term Plans 

 Plans covering trips up to 180 days for vacation, business or missionary travel.


-Long Term Plans

 Expatriate health insurance for global living. Comprehensive, portable benefits with an unlimited maximum.

Atlas Travel


Our Atlas Travel insurance plans offer protection while you travel outside of your home country with benefits like emergency medical evacuation, hospital and ambulance coverage, acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage, and more. 

Student Travel Insurance


When studying abroad, students need to protect themselves from the unexpected – accidents, illnesses, and theft can occur anywhere. Students traveling abroad need international student health insurance to pay for medical bills and other expenses that can occur. Having a good international student insurance plan can provide a student with the protection they need to avoid large financial losses.


Our StudentSecure international student health insurance plan is for those students and scholars who are studying abroad. This comprehensive plan even includes coverage for spouses and dependent children.

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