Vision Care Insurance

Vision Care Insurance is frequently requested by employees. The likely reason for this is the fact that 60% of us wear some form of corrective eyewear. With a statistic like that, it is a sure bet that most employees would use vision insurance if it were provided. For this reason, many employers offer vision plans on a voluntary basis. The cost of a vision plan ranges from about $7 to $10 per month for single coverage. With the benefit of a Section 125 plan, the pre-tax savings brings the cost down to about $5 to $7 per month. That's less than $100 per year, and one visit to the optometrist and a pair of glasses or contacts will cost much more than that!


Most vision plans are designed with a small co-pay for the exam itself and a co-pay for the materials (frames, lenses, contacts). With low out of pocket costs, it is a plan that employees can easily appreciate.