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Property & Casualty

Now you can get Outrageous Service with your Property and Casualty

Commercial Lines

  • Commercial Property - Covers building and business personal property

  • Commercial General Liability - Covers many of the common liability loss exposures face by an organization including it's operations, products and premises

  • Crime - Covers property against crime perils, such as employee theft and robbery; covers money and securities

  • Equipment Breakdown - Covers loss from the accidental breakdown of equipment that operates under pressure or controls, transmits or uses electrical or mechanical power

  • Inland Marine - Covers many classes of property, usually involving an element of transportation

  • Auto - Covers auto loss exposures for organizations other than auto dealers and motor carriers.

  • Business Owner's Plan - A BOP is a special type of package policy that combines and simplifies most of the property and liability coverages needed by a small or medium sized business, such as stores and offices. Other lines of coverage may or may not be included

  • Workers Comp - Workers' Compensation is insurance that employers buy to protect their employees, as required by state statute. It provides benefits for medical expenses and wage loss resulting from either occupation injury or disease sustained in the course of employment.

  • Professional Liability / E&O - Professional Liability Insurance is a type of insurance protection that covers a person engaged in a particular profession for liability arising from their rendering of or failure to render professional services. The professions associated with this insurance were traditionally the learned professions such as law, medicine, education, and the clergy. As our economy has grown and changed more occupations have come to be regarded as knowledge-based. As such, practitioners of these occupations are held to a higher standard and need protection from potential liability for failure to use the degree of skill expected of a person in a particular field.

  • Directors and Officers

  • Employment Practices Liability - Employment practices liability insurance provides protection for an employer for claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and other employment related allegations made by current, former, and even potential employees. Employment practices liability is a relatively new insurance coverage, but the risk continues to grow as lawsuits increase in frequency and severity. This risk can be especially troubling because it so hard to manage. Every employer must face the reality that they could be a target of legal action brought by employees. Even if the claim brought against you is groundless or fraudulent the drain on your time and resources to defend yourself can be detrimental to the continuation of your business. Umbrella liability and excess liability insurance are two similar types of coverage that organizations buy mainly to extend the limits of their general liability, business auto, and other liability policies.

  • Cyber Liability 

  • Aviation

  • Excess or Umbrella - Excess or umbrella liability coverage comes into play when the amount of damages exceeds the each occurrence limit of an underlying policy or when the aggregate limit of an underlying policy has become depleted by prior claims during the policy period. Umbrella liability policies may also cover some claims that are not covered at all by the underlying policy or policies, known as drop-down coverage.

  • D & O

  • Bonds

Personal Lines

  • Automobile Insurance - Automobile Insurance is purchased to protect you and your family in the event that you suffer a loss to your person or property and to protect yourself from losses suffered by others. You also have coverages that are required to be purchased.

  • Homeowner's Insurance - Homeowner's Insurance can give you peace of mind knowing that in the event of a covered loss that your home will be rebuilt and your belongings will be replace. The coverage's offered to homeowners are typically contained in a package of property and liability coverage's. Most insurance companies also offer endorsements that can be purchased to either increased existing limits already included in the policy language or change a coverage from being excluded to being covered.

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance - Personal Umbrella Insurance is an excess liability policy. It provides $1,000,000 or more of liability coverage above your primary insurance policies (home, auto, boat, etc). In today's litigious society it is imperative that you protect your assets. If you were to be sued and a judgment entered against you, all of your assets would be in jeopardy. Umbrella Insurance protects you by covering property damage, bodily injury or personal injury claims that you and your dependents may cause.

  • Inland Marine Insurance - Inland Marine Insurance is for personal property items that exceed the coverage automatically included in your Homeowner's Insurance Policy. The main benefits of scheduling items are that they are covered anywhere in the world, no deductible applies, certain items can be covered for an agreed value, and 'mysterious disappearance' is a covered loss.

  • Recreational Vehicles

  • Water Craft

  • Special Items Coverage 



The Hatcher Agency understands that our business requires a relationship of trust and honesty with our clients. Understanding this, our agency is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers.  Our privacy policy was established to protect information our agency collects in order to provide our products and services and also assure our clients that this information will not be misrepresented.

Information our agency collects: We may have collected nonpublic personal/company financial information about your company if required by the insurance companies including:


  • Information we receive from your company on applications or other required questionnaires will not be disclosed for any other reasons except for insurance purposes only or required by law.

  • Information about your and your companies transactions with us, our affiliates, or previous insurers; such as your policy coverage, claim information, premiums and payment history; will not be disclosed for any other reasons except for insurance purposes only or required by law.

  • Information we receive from a consumer reporting agency such as Equifax or ChoicePoint which is obtained for the purpose of ascertaining credit histories. These reports are obtained as underwriting tools to determine bill payment habits and credit worthiness.  These reports are not subject to race, gender or income.  Similar reporting agencies may also be used to obtain motor vehicle reports from the state to disclose driving history will not be disclosed for any other reasons except for insurance purposes only or required by law.

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